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1964 24ft TRADEWIND



Model Name:Tradewind
Model Year:1964
Model Length:26ft

Susie was our very first. We found her in a sorry state in Suwanee, Georgia – her interior had been gutted and she’d been left to rot. But there was something about her, so we tracked down her owner and struck a deal to bring her home.

Because she was our first, we took extra special care of her. We carefully took her to pieces and, finding that the chassis was in good shape, we built her back up from there.

As part of her rebuild, Susie received an incredible new interior designed by no less than SplinterWorks. We also polished her to a mirror finish. There’s a lot of love in Susie.

Today, Susie is fully broadband-ready, with a satellite dish, so she’s perfect for tech companies that want to demo kit on the road. She has been used by Asus for experiential roadshows and she has been a site office for Brompton at Goodwood.


1964 Tradewind Susie
1964 Tradewind Susie
1964 Tradewind Susie
1964 Tradewind Susie